How to Draw a Baby Unicorn

How to Draw a Baby Unicorn

Are you ready to draw a beautiful kawaii unicorn at baby age? 🦄 She's so cute with her dummy and bib! Her colourful shades give her an even more adorable look. Unicorn drawing is probably the best way to learn how to draw. It allows you to develop your imagination with fairy tales that will amaze children. 👧

Are you ready to draw a baby unicorn? Then let's do it! 🔥

To complete this drawing, you will need the following:

- A pen or pencil

- A black marker felt pen

- A set of colorful drawing pencils

- An eraser

- A piece of paper


#1 Drawing the eye of the baby unicorn

Draw a circle to shape the eye of the unicorn right in the centre of the paper.


Next, draw two small circles as in the photo inside the eye of the unicorn. These small circles will represent the glare of the eye. 🦄

#2 Drawing the nostril and dummy of the baby unicorn

Now that the unicorn's eyes are looking good, we are now going to draw the dummy and nose of the unicorn. Let's start by drawing the shape of the dummy. Draw a shape that looks like the one below, an imperfect circle. Next, draw two small dots above it at equal distances from the circle. These two dots will give the shape to the nostril of the unicorn. Make sure to respect the dimensions.


Then draw the two circular parts of the dummy to shape the loop.


Then draw the edges of the unicorn dummy to the right and left. Draw them almost the same way.

#3 Outlining the baby unicorn's face 

Next, draw the left side of the unicorn's head, starting from the dummy until it reaches the eye.


#4 Drawing the right eye of the baby unicorn

In the same way that you have previously drawn the left eye of the unicorn, reproduce the same for the right one!



#5 Outlining the unicorn's face

Draw the outlines of the unicorn's face, but make sure to pay attention to the shape of the head!


#6 Drawing the horn of the baby unicorn

Now that the unicorn's head is almost finished, it lacks one thing more than necessary, its magical and iconic horn! Draw a cone shape pointing upwards. Then inside the shape, draw two slightly curved lines.


#7 Outline finishes and ear of the baby unicorn

Now that the horn is done, draw the lower outline of the unicorn's head, then leave a space to draw the unicorn's ear! This is very important, as you can see in the picture, the ear is in the foreground! So it goes in front of the outline of the unicorn head.


#8 Refining the details of the baby unicorn's head

The head of the unicorn is soon finished, now it is time to add some aesthetic details to it. To do so, draw the inside of the ears, draw two small lashes. Fantastic isn't it? 🤩


#9 Drawing of the cute baby unicorn's bib

Carry on by drawing an adorable bib to the unicorn. Start outlining the downward lines that will shape the body of the baby unicorn. 


#10 Drawing the legs of the unicorn

Then, on the left side, keep your line going down to draw the unicorn's leg. Then sketch the two front legs of the baby unicorn.


Carry on by connecting the 2 lines to shape the back of the unicorn.

#11 Drawing the nappy of the little unicorn

Once the legs have been drawn, the next step is to draw the baby unicorn's nappy. To do so, draw a curved shape as shown in the pictures below. 


Next, draw a crescent shape, this space will be used to draw the back leg of the unicorn. Feel free to draw with a pencil to have the ability to erase on your paper, and thus be able to correct any flaws. This step is not easy, so stay focused!


#12 Draw the rear legs of the baby unicorn

Now it is a matter of drawing the little rear leg on the right of the unicorn. This leg as you see in the picture below is bent. If you have done the previous step correctly, all that remains is to connect the 2 sides in a shape similar to the one shown below.


Once the leg has been drawn, draw two small lines to represent the hoof of the horse with magical powers.


Now comes the step of drawing the left rear leg. Quite an easy task!


#13 Drawing of the tail of the baby unicorn

Draw a magic tail for your little unicorn. This tail has a curved shape, similar to a wave. It must be big and majestic, even for a small unicorn!


#14 Drawing of the mane of the unicorn!

By following the example below, start drawing the unicorn's mane, with small waves under its head.


#15 Finish drawing the mane of the baby unicorn 

Carry on drawing the mane down along the head until you reach the unicorn's lower body. And that's it, the unicorn is now ready for colouring! If you have drawn it in pencil, you can now mark the important lines with felt tip pens, to make it look even better. But this is not necessary, just do it according to your inspiration and imagination!


#16 Colouring the baby unicorn

Bring your coloured pencils or coloured markers and make the unicorn as colourful and rainbow-coloured as possible! Use yellow, red, green, blue, purple, pink, and other fancies! The trick is to have a unicorn that corresponds to you. So follow your imagination, and colour as you wish. 🤩


Congratulations! You've done it!🎉


For a more detailed guide make sure to check out the video below by DrawSoCute!

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