How to Draw a Realistic Unicorn

How to Draw a Realistic Unicorn

Ready to learn how to draw a realistic unicorn?! You've come to the right place! 

Unicorns stir the minds of young and old alike. They never cease to arouse mystery and admiration among babies, children, little girls but also adults!

In this tutorial, you will discover how to draw a realistic unicorn.

This guide is intended for intermediate drawers with some experience. However, you can rest assured that whatever your level, the tutorial is detailed enough to allow even beginners to try their hand at this drawing.

Drawing a realistic unicorn ūü¶Ą

A realistic unicorn drawing allows intermediate or experienced drawers to continue on drawing their favorite fairytale animal, but in a more mystical way. This is the one we're used to see in movies and fantasy books.

To complete this drawing, you will need the following:

- A pencil

- A pen

- An eraser

- A piece of paper


#1: Draw an oval shape

For this first step, draw an oval shape as in the picture below. The shape does not have to be perfect. You can go over it several times if necessary by erasing. The important thing is to get as close as possible to the circular shape below.


#2: Drawing the unicorn's rump

Once the oval shape has been sketched, draw the horse's rump. To do this, carefully take into account the dimensions and spacing. It is the size of the rump that will determine the shape of the body. Try to get as close as possible to the image below by imitating the measurements.

#3: Drawing the unicorn's neck and head

In this step you will sketch the unicorn's neck and head. You can follow the measurements in the picture below or just what inspires you!


#4: Drawing the unicorn's legs

Now let's get the unicorn on its feet! To do this, draw long lines that go down. The unicorn's legs are purposely bent to mimic a galloping unicorn.



#5: Drawing the unicorn's tail

Finally, draw a the realistic unicorn's tail.



ūü¶Ą¬†PART II¬†

Now that the body structure is ready, let's get down to drawing the details of the unicorn!

#1: Drawing of the muzzle and head of the unicorn


#2: Connecting the muzzle to the head 

Connect the muzzle to the unicorn's head to shape its face, then draw the unicorn's ears. Keep one smaller than the other to give perspective.


#3: Drawing the unicorn's eye


#4: Drawing the unicorn's face and hooves

Add a few details to the unicorn's face to enhance its head. Then start forming the unicorn's hooves with small strokes and small oval shapes. We believe that unicorn hooves are similar to deer hooves, which is why they are relatively small.


#5: Finishing the hooves

Finish the drawing of the unicorn's hooves by following the two samples below.



#6: Drawing the unicorn's knees


#7: Adding details to the unicorn's kneecaps

Draw the following details on the unicorn's knees. These are the kind of details that give a majestic look!


#8: Drawing the thigh and pelvis of the unicorn

Now draw two approximately circular shapes, the unicorn's thigh and pelvis, using the dimensions in the drawing below.


#9: Connecting the different parts of the unicorn's legs


#10: Previewing the unicorn's neck

Draw two strokes like the ones in the drawing below to give a framework to the sequel.


#11: Outlining of the unicorn's body 

Now that the structure of the unicorn's body is ready, draw the outline by connecting all the elements together. Draw the unicorn's neck, body, belly and tail.


ūü¶Ą¬†PART III¬†

#1: Drawing the first line of the horn

Drawing a unicorn may seem complicated, but it's actually very simple! To do so, start by drawing a long line.


#2: Draw some diagonal lines on the horn


#3: Draw another series of diagonal lines between those drawn previously


#4: Connect the diagonal lines together to form small curves


#5: Shape the remaining curves to render the unicorn's horn 


ūü¶Ą¬†PART IV¬†

#1: Drawing the unicorn's hair

To give the unicorn its radiance, draw a wide mane made of prominent hairs. Draw hair on the unicorn's tail, belly, legs, muzzle and ears as shown in the drawing below. Feel free to sketch lines and erase them if necessary. The important thing is to achieve the result that suits you!


#2: Outlining the unicorn's shape with a pen

Your realistic unicorn drawing is finally taking shape! Now you will have to go over the final lines of the unicorn with a black pen. Some of the lines will have to be erased because they were temporary, but necessary to make the drawing easier.

Follow the example below to identify the lines to be drawn.




Congratulations! You've done it!ūüéČ


For the more advanced artists, here is a helpful video guide by Nina.

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