How to Draw a Unicorn Cat

How to Draw a Unicorn Cat

Do you love cats and unicorns? Well, here's a drawing to link your two passions together in one. A gorgeous cat with a colourful unicorn horn, and small stars around it for extra enchantment!

To complete this drawing, you will need the following:

- A pen or pencil

- A set of colorful drawing pencils

- An eraser

- A piece of paper


#1 Drawing the unicorn cat's ears

Start by drawing the unicorn cat's ears on each side of the head in a symmetrical way.


#2 Drawing the shape of the face and the horn 

Draw the unicorn cat's horn like an ice-cream cone. It extends about double past the ears. Next, sketch the circular shape of the cat's face, leaving a space in the middle for the neck. 



#3 Drawing of the unicorn cat's eyes and paws

Then draw the unicorn's cat with round bulging eyes. They will give him that cute look! These round eyes have pupil centres like diamonds. Next, draw the legs.


#4 Drawing the unicorn cat's tail and rear paws

Next, draw the cat's tail on the back on the right side, then its rear legs. 


#5 Drawing the wings of the unicorn cat and his nose

Now draw the wings of the unicorn cat and its small nose. For the wings, draw symmetrically as in the picture. 


#6 Drawing stars and horn details

Draw the inside of the horn to give it detail and to be able to colour it later. Next, draw stars, little hearts and clouds to give the drawing a fairy-tale look. 😻


#7 Colouring of the unicorn cat 

You have now managed to draw this beautiful unicorn cat. Now all you have to do is colour it in rainbow colours. So get your pencils and felt-tip pens and start colouring! You can get inspiration from the multicoloured model below, or simply let your imagination flow. It's up to you!


Congratulations! You've done it!🎉


If you want to try yourself at a more detailed Unicorn Cat drawing this video from DrawSoCute is more than helpful!

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