How To Draw a Unicorn Emoji 🦄

How To Draw a Unicorn Emoji 🦄

In this guide you will learn how to draw a unicorn emoji head easily in just a few minutes! This is an easy tutorial for children, teenagers or even adults who want to test their drawing skills. A nice and fun way to learn how to draw through pictures and video! 

To complete this drawing, you will need the following:

- A pen or pencil

- A set of colorful drawing pencils

- An eraser

- A piece of paper


#1 Determining the ratio of the unicorn's face

Draw 2 circles as to the ratio of the unicorn's face. These 2 circles are to be drawn with a pencil. They will help you to determine the right dimensions for your emoji unicorn drawing. The front circle represents the size of the unicorn's muzzle, and the larger circle the size of the face. These two circles will be erased at the end of the design.


#2 Connect the 2 circles

Connect the 2 circles together to create the front of the unicorn's muzzle, thus drawing its jaw at the same time.


#3 Drawing the muzzle and eye of the unicorn emoji

You can now draw the nose of the unicorn. Draw a slightly curved line and a small circle to represent the unicorn's nasal area. Next, sketch the eye of the unicorn by drawing a circle.



#4 Drawing the front ear of the unicorn and its neck

You can now draw the unicorn's ear by drawing a type of arrowhead from the unicorn's head upwards. Then draw the front of the bust of the unicorn emoji.


#5 Drawing the mane of the unicorn

The drawing of the unicorn's mane begins. It will be done in three steps! To begin, draw a large circular curve from the eye to the unicorn's ear and then around the back. Then follow the shape shown in the picture to return to the other side of the ear. Make sure to respect the dimensions for the best result!


#6 Drawing the horn and the inside of the eyes and ears

This step will bring your kawaii unicorn to life! To do so, draw a fairly pointed horn as well as the tip of the unicorn's second ear. Then, draw two circles inside the eye and a curved line.


#7 Drawing the hair on the back of the unicorn's head

The unicorn's hair, or mane, is very majestic! The unicorn must be given an impressive mane. Do so by drawing two curls as shown in the example below.


#8 Finishing touches of the unicorn's hair 

The finishing of the unicorn's mane must be both accurate and bold at the same time. Draw curves as in the picture, fairly thick and massive.


#9 Enhancing the unicorn

This is the final stage of the unicorn emoji drawing. This is where the unicorn comes to life! Start by drawing small curves in the unicorn's horn to give it all its magical powers. Then draw curved lines in the unicorn's hair to give it some volume.

Finally you can draw cute shapes to enhance the design of your unicorn emoji, such as a heart or a star.


#10 Colouring the unicorn emoji

This is the last step in this unicorn emoji drawing guide. Take a moment to colour your unicorn in the colours of the rainbow! Bright and clear colours, such as yellow, red, pink, blue, green, purple, to make the unicorn as colorful as possible!


Congratulations! You've done it!🎉


For a more detailed guide make sure to check out the video below by DrawSoCute

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