How to Draw a Unicorn's Head

How to Draw a Unicorn's Head

Would you like to learn how to draw a unicorn head? Here is a quick and easy unicorn head drawing guide!

Here is an easy way to draw a unicorn head! 🦄 Dedicated to beginners and to children, this guide will help you to master the drawing of a unicorn head!

To complete this drawing, you will need the following:

- A pencil

- An eraser

- A piece of paper


#1 Drawing the unicorn's bow tie

Slightly tilt the unicorn's bow tie. Try to give it a symmetrical look. To do this, don't hesitate to erase and re-draw to get the clearest shape possible!


#2 Drawing of the unicorn's hair 

Starting from the bow tie, draw a kind of curved wave that goes down and then up to join the knot. Use your pencil to draw fairly wide lines.


#3 Drawing the unicorn's horn

To give the unicorn all its magical powers, it is important to draw a beautiful horn. Draw an arrowhead shape from the top of its hair.



#4 Draw the ears of the unicorn

Now it is the stage of drawing the unicorn ears. As you can see on the picture, the one on the right is slightly smaller than the one on the left.


#5 The drawing of the unicorn's face

Draw an oval shape to depict the head of the unicorn. The oval form should be egg-shaped. The proportions are important in this step, take your time and release your hand to draw a beautiful unicorn head.


#6 Draw the details of the unicorn horn and ears

Now that the structure of the unicorn head is in order, draw the detail of the unicorn horn by drawing small horizontal lines that are slightly curved. Then, duplicate the shape of the ears on the inside by making them smaller to enhance the appearance.


#7 Unicorn hair detail drawing

Draw beautiful curves inside the unicorn's hair to form strands of hair.


#8 Drawing the unicorn's eyes

Draw two small semi-circular shapes to represent the eyes.


#9 Drawing of the unicorn's eyelashes

To ensure an elegant effect for your unicorn, draw 5 small lashes per unicorn eye.



#10 Drawing of the unicorn's nose

Now draw the unicorn's nose simply by drawing two small dots as in the photo.


#11 Enhancing the unicorn's head

Draw little stars around the unicorn's head to make it look magical! You can also draw a rainbow, a moon, a cloud or hearts, depending on your inspiration!


Congratulations! You've done it!🎉


If you want to follow the same guide but in a video here is a quick one over here!

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